Gender and Professors

This just seems like validation for everything we’re learning…and it’s unfortunate. It took me a second to figure out what I was doing. I typed in ‘mean’ and there’s no way that all women teachers are meaner than male teachers but goodness is gender bias a real thing. Breaking: I just typed in ‘nice’ and women are apparently also nicer. I’ve learned nothing.

Outgoing President and Feminism

This was awesome. I had completely forgot he wrote this and I loved it when he read it, partially because it was a president putting together a coherent thought. The only thing I have to add to this is kind of a mix of gender bias and racial bias. Remember when Malia was being a teenager and sewing her wild oats at music festivals? She and the President got so much flack for her doing that when she was surrounded by so many men and other famous people doing the same things. I did those things…maybe no one cared because I’m not a president’s daughter? Who knows.

Women Who Don’t Belong

This is totally how I feel going through this program. My first couple of classes I didn’t feel as though I belonged and suffered from the impostor syndrome. I notice myself feeling as though I belong as I go through it though. I do feel, though, that this syndrome very much goes towards most people when they start something new, not just women.

Women Not Being Heard

OK, I will say the upspeak that some people do, whether it be guy or girl has a terrible way of hitting the ear. Please see exhibit a: Have fun getting through that 16 seconds. But the point of the article is well taken. Because of the way she speaks it takes away from her intelligence. She was excellent.

Madam CEO, Get Me a Coffee

I’ve seen this.  I never once have had to reorder supplies, or bring in a cake for someone’s birthday, or do any menial work aside from that directly related to my position. It always has been done by a woman. I remember women volunteering to do these jobs…are these biases ingrained in women as well if men don’t make them do it? Sometimes they do them without telling anyone they’ll do it. Interesting.