Invisible Knapsack

WHO KNEW. I never thought about this. It is seriously unbelievable what this must be like. The only thing that I’ve ever come close to that would put me feeling like this is in situations when people interact with adults. Even just today, we had a tree service come out. My name was on the contract but they approached my fiancee’s father about the contract. He was sitting down and I was standing right there. OBVIOUSLY, not the same but just ironic that this bias happened to me today.

What Does Real Leadership Require

I think what I took most from this article was to continue fighting for what you believe even in the face of adversity. At least in my time the Black Lives Matter movement has been the most polarizing but successful. They mentioned a few others but they quickly phased out, i.e. Occupy Wall Street. White folks and those that don’t understand what it takes to be proximate to what ‘Black Lives’ go through on a daily basis will never understand. Like was mentioned in Overcoming Bias, I will never know what it is like to be black. This doesn’t mean that my empathy can go towards those who will never know what it is like to be able to drive down the street and not be pulled over because of the color of my skin…or wonder if that is why you got pulled over.

Some Facts About the World

The fact that over 10% of the world still cannot read is mind blowing. Also, the 1% controlling 50% of the money just labels the inequality amongst the world. I wonder if it is under 1% and how many people actually control that money. Also, the amount of people who live in Asia is astounding. I knew it was a lot but, sheesh! There truly is so much more to the world than we realize. I thought moving to Virginia was a huge move but in the grand scheme is fairly microscopic.

Why Don’t People Know This Stuff?

I truly thought I was the minority when it came to not enjoying to read. I think part of it always stemmed from the things I enjoy are nonfiction…sports. I think I’m very much an auditory learner, this was always my excuse until I tried Audible for Team of Rivals. That was brutal. I just never found my niche until last semester with the leadership course. I love reading the articles on leadership and picking up little tidbits and books like Carnegie. I even started reading the newspaper. Who am I?! I’m trying to push through the threshold and begin reading for fun.

Moral High Ground

THIS IS SO TRUE. This entire take is one that definitely draws a huge line in our society especially today. I’ll read comments on CNN articles just to entertain myself sometimes. People STILL say, ‘Well at least it isn’t Hillary because she is a crook.’ It also makes me have to stop and think about when Agent Orange says something that kind of actually makes sense, which isn’t often, and realize I need to be more objective. Good people can do bad things and bad people can do good things.