Simon Sinek

My thoughts on the Simon Sinek video are well known throughout my office. It’s one of the subconscious ¬†things that we all know but only few are able to realize and access. We in Admissions are totally revamping our presentation for visiting families to try and mirror the message of trying to start with the why. ¬†Still don’t like how he speaks, but love the message so much.

Telling a Compelling Story

I SUCK at telling stories. I truly need to practice this. When I was reading this I was thinking about people who are generally regarded as great orators and how they draw listeners into their speeches. Also, I love music…so thinking about how great songs do the same thing (some of them). It’s all about breaking through that threshold and getting the buy in. So many people just throw facts around, and sometimes even alternative facts. Yuck.


I loved the message behind this article. Dr. Gower always talks about being proximate…and if you aren’t proximate, GETTING proximate. I hadn’t realized Dr. King had done such a great job of doing it. Maybe current administration should take notes… Just sayin’

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