Feminist Fight Club

Ok, first of all…I want to apologize on behalf of all men and white people. I guess my privilege got in the way of seeing how difficult life truly was for women. I had heard of all of the statistics about pay inequality, having to work harder, stereotypes keeping people down. I have heard this kind of speak from men and women alike. The piece on Female Bosses are the Worst is so widespread based on people’s internal biases that it has invaded my life in two different ways. The first was during this past election cycle. I actually just saw a video from The Onion (which I am better than Spicey and know that is a parody) but it was an actor portraying a PA steel worker who regretted his vote for Trump because he read 800 pages on feminist theory. The enlightening part, aside from it being funny, was the systems that are in place across media, and societies alike that paint women leaders to be ‘bitches’ or ‘mean’ or ‘nasty women’. Hillary Clinton has so many haters from her time in New York, my parents and most of my friend’s parents included for various reasons but I’ve always thought it had something to do with her being a strong woman. This had a direct impact on my life because we have Trump as President…. The next way it impacts my life was one time my family was hanging out and it was pre-election. My dad said that ‘women make terrible bosses’ and my fiancee was with me. It was quite embarrassing but I shrugged it off before I became so aware of my ability to dispute statements like this. It was actually the first time my fiancee told me she wishes I had stepped up. I would now to combat this kind of speech. I also liked the part on asking for forgiveness instead of permission…partially because I subscribe to this myself! This is totally true in my office environment. I have a tendency to take the risk and get a job done sacrificing a possible slap on the wrist later. The women I work with are way less likely to take this risk and I’ve seen this over the years. I can’t think of a specific example off the top of my head but I remember this coming up a few times. After this book and this class, I can confidently say I am a feminist!

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  1. I have a different work experience than most coming from manufacturing. In our plant, about 50% of team leaders are women. This is the first position in leadership anyone can get. Our plant doesn’t have any supervisors that are women currently, although we have. Those positions turn over literally once every 20 years or so, so the opportunities are limited for both genders to move up.
    All of that said, we expect women and men to be tough on people in our environment. Not disrespectful, but tough. Men and women are both unskilled when they move into leadership roles, as is the case in many environments. I guess my question is, is the gap in treatment of women greater in environments where people expect women to be more like those stereotypes society has in general? Is the gap in treatment less in environments where survival as a worker is maybe a little tougher than most, so if you make it, you have already earned a certain amount of respect?

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