Gender Bias in Kids

This is something that I wonder if is pretty universal or just happened to be the case. I guess my point being that I find it odd that in one year these changes occur. I learned about development scales as kids grow up but it never included gender biases. Look at the emojis, look at TV, look at the way news is presented. It’s funny to me because I can relate just about any situation to The Office. There is a part when Kelly is applying to be Minority Executive in Training. Dwight says to her, “You can be the next Indian Bill Gates.” among a few other CEO’s. She says, “I can be the next Julia Roberts.” She wasn’t picking up what he was putting down and he gets frustrated but this furthers the point. Also, she isn’t a kid but from an early age young females are meant to revere actresses for being pretty and dolls instead of true leaders. Remember how much crap Meryl Streep got for for calling out our current President? People do this all the time but she was out of line apparently. I guess my point with the data in the group is just the stark contrast between the two years, I totally believe that this happens at some point in young kids lives.

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