Invisible Knapsack

WHO KNEW. I never thought about this. It is seriously unbelievable what this must be like. The only thing that I’ve ever come close to that would put me feeling like this is in situations when people interact with adults. Even just today, we had a tree service come out. My name was on the contract but they approached my fiancee’s father about the contract. He was sitting down and I was standing right there. OBVIOUSLY, not the same but just ironic that this bias happened to me today.

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  1. This is not something that most people think about unless they actually experience it on a regular basis. Its the continued treatment, not the incidences of it here and there, but when you constantly encounter it, it wears on a person’s self-worth and self-esteem. No person wants to be seen as less than, but again this is an attitude and belief that permeated American culture and society for hundreds of years, so its ingrained into belief systems. Unfortunately, people do not really like to have uncomfortable conversations and interactions that deal with bias, race, and prejudice, because they are afraid to say what they feel because they do not want to be viewed as a bigot or a racist.

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