I loved the message behind this article. Dr. Gower always talks about being proximate…and if you aren’t proximate, GETTING proximate. I hadn’t realized Dr. King had done such a great job of doing it. Maybe current administration should take notes… Just sayin’

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  1. Being proximate is challenging! In a post to Patrick earlier I explained the value I found in being proximate with people at work by showing up a the luncheons or social events – which is so contrary to how I was taught the world works.

    I wonder who Donald Trump was really taught about the world? Is he just modeling his own boisterous demanding father. (Note: I know little, and will not learn more about him – bias!) Is his mother proud of his behavior? It this the type and kind of person she intended him to be? What is she like? Do not you wonder about people’s behavior from their environment?
    I do. I wonder, what traumatic events made him be so controlling and demanding with little consideration for how he treats other people. Presidents should be respected – Lincoln, Kennedy,… Not public jack asses.

    Ha, sorry, not sorry.

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