Synthesis Post on Poverty and Race

OK, I now get why we read all of these articles and books before we go out to change the world. It ignites a strong passion within to go out and be a change agent. The only lens I can ever see these writings through is that of a relatively privileged white male. Unfortunately throughout the class we take the brunt of blame for the treatment of minorities and mistreating others. And rightfully so. There are so many points to make about these topics but a few poignant ones come to mind. The first point is I feel like it takes an incredible amount of self control to be a minority or a woman and not hate white men. White people have a terrible habit of lumping entire races or religions together. Take the current racial/religious climate in the world right now. Our President has never had to face a day of adversity a day in his life. I mean true adversity, not ‘having many successes’ which he treats as a sacrifice…which still doesn’t make sense to me. The man started off with a small million dollar loan from his father. I use the term small there lightly. He ran on a platform of hatred and bigotry, painting Muslims, Mexicans, and people who didn’t look like ‘us’ (which is hilarious because no one looks like him in the entire world) but managed to convince enough people that he will unite this country and still bring us together. I still see MAGA hats around but mostly read about it online. He is tasked with making decisions that will effect ALL Americans, not just the ones who voted for him and I think he forgets that. Within the now secret dealings of the GOP healthcare bill it will allow millions of underrepresented Americans to not have health care and die because they don’t have insurance. Why doesn’t anyone blame the insurance companies. Insurance companies provide important services to Americans but at what cost. Insurance executives are some of the wealthiest in this country and have people who literally can’t afford their services. They get rich off of other people’s misfortunes and especially poor people who can only afford to have bare bones coverage and get hurt. That can ruin lives while they are sitting on fat stacks of money. We as a nation pay exponentially more than any other country literally just to stay alive. I write about this to tie it back to myself and how this affects me. My parents are about to retire and were both Trump voters, solely because he was on the Republican ticket. When they retire they will be on Medicare and his latest budget had huge cuts to Medicare. Guess who will be stuck with the bill if they ever become gravely ill because there won’t be enough money in Medicare to help anyone. This current administration is literally like the perfect storm for all of the topics we have read about and discussed and policymakers who can further divides that have been built up and for years have been slowly coming together. It is extremely frustrating to watch happen to people I love across the board with an administration that refuses to get proximate to any issues. I can rant all day about this stuff but these are the issues that are closest to my heart because they affect those who I love. ┬áThe readings were great, thought provoking, frustrating, and SO easily translated to every day life in today’s world.

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  1. I liked you reference to “Making America Great Again”, because for Donald Trump and those that voted for him, they would like thing to go back before the Civil Right Movement. Donald Trump has said many times that he is “50’s guy” and there are lots of other people who idealize and romanticize the 1950’s because that is when everything was still good and in America and white people really had control. Some people have a hard time with change and do not understand all of the changes America has gone through since the 1950’s and need things to go back to a simpler time when everyone knew their place. One thing I will say about Donald Trump, he told everybody what he going to do, and he is doing it. Unfortunately, his voters thought he was only going to have policies that adversely affected “others” and not them, but they are seeing policies don’t work that way and many of his voters, voted against themselves.

  2. It is interesting to see the changes that these article incite in each of us, at different levels, but still igniting a passion nonetheless. You are correct in saying that the current administration does not do a good job of getting proximate, but I often find that to be true of politics in general. Politics has transformed into a business that seeks to increase a bottom-line somewhere, for someone. Much like how people get rich off of poverty.
    It is frustrating to see the issues that medicare is facing today, but these are issues that have been brewing for the last 15 years. As social security faces challenges of continued funding, and the Medicare base is rapidly expanding, these challenges were bound to come to the forefront. Someone was going to foot the bill for the increased need for care of citizens at some point, whether it was increases in taxes, or health insurance contributions, that bill was coming. What I haven’t seen anyone try to do is address what is at the core of the health industry challenge. The cost to go to the ER has risen exponentially since I was a kid, making health insurance a must for everyone. Why does it cost thousands to get your arm put in a cast? If the cost of health care wasn’t so prohibitive, the need for so much insurance would not be a barrier to quality care. Every healthcare legislation that seeks to address the issue of having insurance doesn’t address the issue that insurance companies have created a system that puts common healthcare out of the reach of most people, without the assistance of insurance. Of course, I have a sneaking suspicion that anthem, blue cross blue shield, aflac, and GIECO all give handsomely to candidates of any party, so it will be a long time before that challenge is addressed.

  3. I’m thinking about how no one has referenced a Michael Moore documentary yet, so if you haven’t seen Sicko, but are passionate about healthcare issues, it’s worth seeing even if it’s from 2009. Pharmaceutical companies make huge profits each year while we seem to believe that insurance is the issue.

    I agree with Patrick that the root causes of the need for expensive insurance are not being addressed. I suspect that doing anything to limit capitalism, even when it has a negative impact on the population in general, may be an even higher mountain to climb than the insurance industry. Too close to social democracy.

    I also agree with the different comments about Trump, a campaign of bigotry, racism, as well as wanting to return to the 50s. It’s a platform of blame for me. People unite under the idea that everything that is wrong, someone else caused. That worked very well when the campaign defined the “someone” by race, religion and really gender. Having an actual plan is unnecessary as well as the issues are the fault of “those losers”.

    I am a fan of Marcus Lemonis and regularly borrow from his sorting of problems to People, Process, or Product. People, rarely are the problem. Less than 15% of the time. It’s interesting to me how Trump seems label people as the problem so often.

    Is this a telltale sign of bigotry and racism?

  4. I like your thoughts here and I agree with the readings being so easily translated into every day. Is that the strength of Kim’s pedagogy? We all took so much from what we read and not only are we applying it to comments among each other, but we are taking out and living it!

    I am not a political supporter, yet this is the second post i have written about Trump. I really am disappointed in the election results, I do not like H. Clinton, but I think she was the better of the two evils. I think Trump has lived in his own biases too long to really be of benefit to our country; I worry about his he will detrimentally hurt us and how long we will feel his wrath.

    There is a lot our country needs to do about addressing health care, it seems we try to solve it by attacking the whole issue an not breaking the issue into the smaller pieces which can make is solvable. Like, research, then prescription drugs. We seem to be fast to put law into place, well meaning, which then later becomes a burden to police and enforce – all the while neglecting the hard issues – like mental health care.

    Ironically, on Independence day, I wonder – what would our founding father’s think of this country today? Better yet, what would Abe do!?

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